GreenDsign promotes eco friendly contemporary creativity 

From amazing new material discovered to simple up cycling, Design and Art are nowadays fundamentally linked with the environment. Designers and Artists are adding a new layer to their creative process where cost, performance and environmental impact are at the same level.  Showcasing and sharing as much as possible this new green approach to art and to design is GreenDsign’s objective

GreenDsign is an upcoming online resource to globally connect artists, designers, engineers, creative inventors  and collaborators. GreenDsign provides a place for these unique artistic eco innovative makers to share their work with an international audience, and for gallery owners and other collaborators to find and easily engage with them 

GreenDsign is not a marketplace, it is  a connective platform and a tool for the eco community to connect with each other.

Not to mention, generating a creative solution to cope with the climate and energy challenge.

Shall you feel interested, curious, called, affected, touched, motivated, envious, excited, amused, inspired,…

Shall you be a designer, an artist, an inventor, an engineer, an art and design lover, a gallerist, a curator… 

Shall you have 6:03 minutes to spare, you can also watch the following video from talented @princeea

Created by GreenDsign & Just1regard